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Get to know our talented team behind our exceptional experiences!  Morgan McDonald, Lead Event Designer in our Orlando office, is pictured here with her son, Logan, at one of her favorite spots to head to on the water after an afternoon on the beach – Outriggers Tiki Bar & Grill at the New Smyrna Beach Marina

What is your most memorable event to date?

My most MEMORABLE event was a child-friendly Carnival themed event for a financial client… This event had everything, half a dozen stilt walkers, candy bar, carnival booths and more! The memorable part started when a new employee of the cotton candy company was “trying their hand” at prepping the machines, and cotton candy started flying through the air of the hotel! The hotel then started a small fire with their popcorn machine, and finally, minutes before the event started, the animals for the petting zoo finally arrived (due to an unforeseen event.) I think the kicker was one of our operations managers ushering a pot-belly pig and goat through the hotel to the event space. Fortunately, all of these “memorable moments” were not witnessed by our very happy clients!

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love the process of creative development when we receive challenging RFPs (Request for Proposals). Receiving a request for a unique décor theme or branding feature gives me the chance to “think outside the box” and to provide something new! Winning business based on your solutions and seeing it all come to fruition is just icing on the cake!

Any advice you would give to someone starting out in the special events industry?

Know that juggling multiple balls is expected in this line of work ?.  Multi-tasking is key and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Favorite event venue?

I love Hard Rock Live at CityWalk. It is a huge venue with great opportunity for different set-ups and entertainment options. I also like the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center for its modern architecture and view overlooking Downtown Orlando.

Best event entertainment you’ve ever seen?

I am a sucker for a skilled acoustic band, so watching the Bayside Boys 5-Piece band perform at my event in Amelia Island for an outdoor, upscale tropical theme was simple and amazing. The most shocking entertainment I’ve ever seen was “The Mentalist” at Biz Bash this past year, it was pretty impressive!

If you didn’t work in the Special Events Industry, what would you do?

I would use my degree in Interior Design to open my own firm!

Where were you born and raised?

Orlando, Florida

What’s your dream vacation?

My husband, David, and I love active/tropical vacations, from fly fishing in the Bahamas to lobstering in the Florida Keys. For our 5 Year Anniversary “Dream Vacation” we want to visit Bora Bora!

How do you spend your time outside of work?

In recent months, the majority of our free time is spent renovating our “new” home built in 1930. It’s been a complete Fixer Upper from the windows to the walls. When David and I aren’t doing that, we are boating, surfing or beachin’ it with our family, friends and most-awesome 3rd wheel, our son, Logan.

Think you know Morgan?  Head over to our social media pages and play along with our Two Truths & a Lie, and post your answer… The answer will appear at the next CSI INSIDER edition next month! 

Thanks for playing along with Rebecca Ventura last month!  Did you guess her lie?  She really did eat snails off the wall when she was a kid (hmm is that why she is now such a foodie?), and she really did serve Prince Charles tea with, yes, a dollop of runny honey!  But, Rebecca has NEVER road tripped down the coast of Cali!

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